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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Anything To Forget

I have to do something to take my mind off the grisly events of last night. I could go to Barnet today but it looks a bit cold. Am I hardcore or what ? Yes, what. So, I'm definitely going to have a few bets. Now I spent all of 3 minutes picking these out so they're obviously quality :

Back Reading (H v Aston Villa) @ 2.24
Lay Everton (H v Blackburn) @ 2.18
Back Portsmouth (H v Man City) @ 2.16
Lay West Ham (H v Watford) @ 1.92
Back Barnsley (H v Colchester) @ 2.60
Back Barnet (H v Accrington) @ 2.00

I offer no explanation, no justification. Take them or leave them. There, that's better ... 5-0 to fucking Southend ! Oh bugger, I remembered. While I'm here, I'm not backing it myself, but bet the farm on Leeds to beat QPR on Tuesday. Or if you don't have a farm, lots of money.

Update : Leeds-QPR is Tuesday week (20th), sorry.


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