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Friday, January 26, 2007

Well, I'm Back

And what's been going on in my absence ? QPR continue to find new and inventive ways to lose football matches, culminating in the most horrendous own-goal by that utter carthorse Rehman against Luton. The Luton forward's "cross-shot" was 50/50 to go out for a goal kick or a throw in when the QPR "stopper" took a swing at it with no one anywhere near him, missed the ball entirely, and diverted it in off his standing leg. Marvellous. Perhaps it was a cunning plan, because the fourth round TV tie against Blackburn would have pulled in £200-300K, and priority usage of this money would have been a replacement for Rehman, Z. And in a double whammy, that money now goes to relegation rivals Luton instead. On the bright side, Rowlands and Ainsworth should be back soon and Rangers always look much more potent when they can threaten on both flanks. Upcoming away games against Barnsley and Southend are, although it's the most over-used word in football, massive.

Up in the Premiership, everyone in the world who is not a Chelsea fan is no doubt plumping up the cushions and cracking open the popcorn as the evil empire unravels. I wouldn't write them off just yet mind you, 3.4 on Betfair would be quite tempting if the very thought of backing Chelsea didn't turn my soul to ice. Laying off Mourinho as a person for a moment, my dispassionate view is that he is an excellent tactician, organiser and winder-upper of the press and other managers. However, his record in the transfer market is not very good, especially when you consider that key players like Cech, who most people believe Mourinho signed, were actually bought on Ranieri's recommendation before the Special One breezed in. I think Robben was too, although of course wingers appear to be an endangered species in SW6. Time will tell on all fronts. I have to admit my heart leaped with joy when I read an uncorroborated report that Abramovich wasn't happy about the lack of love and hugs he was receiving from the Chelsea fans. Imagine if he pulled the plug, oh arglglgllrglrglrlglrglrgllgghhgghglghglghgl.

Anyway keeping it real, Barnet have been steadily inching up League Two and I must say that Paul Fairclough is doing a fantastic job at Underhill. Tomorrow they take on another manager for whom I have the utmost respect as Ian Holloway brings Plymouth to fortress Underhill in the FA Cup fourth round. I have just scored a ticket and even if I am still suffering from jet-lag I am sure that the raucous atmosphere will keep me going - seriously. 5000 would rattle around even in a ground like Loftus Road, but at Barnet that's virtually capacity and it should be rocking. I'm looking forward to it.


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