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Sunday, October 01, 2006

We Don't Have Time To Be Impatient

Poor old Nigel Worthington got the chop today. The lamb chop, with fricasee potatoes and garlic runner beans. Boom Boom. Surely there can be no greater humiliation in football than being sacked by Delia Smith. Mean-spirited as I am though, I quite enjoyed this, from Football 365's report :

"The Northern Irishman was given a two-match ultimatum by majority shareholders Michael Wynn Jones and Delia Smith following last Saturday's loss at Plymouth, but the board have lost patience after just one game due to the abject nature of Sunday's defeat."

Damn, that's impatient. I was hoping for at least one more abject capitulation from the Canaries [1], as their next game is a trip to Fortress Loftus Road. Slightly more seriously, it does seem harsh. Are Norwich any worse off now than when Worthington took over ? And I would have said, not a bad trip in between, they cruised the Championship in great style and had a decent go against the big nobs. Management's a tough game alright. Try not to succeed too much, or you'll pay for it later.

Meanwhile I was so impatient to have my fun at Norwich's expense, I forgot the best bit. Gary Doherty in today's The League Paper (which I highly recommend) :

"The ultimate responsibility lies with the players ... we are killing our gaffer through poor performances and results ... I can only apologise to everyone concerned, and we have to put the situation right, and quickly ... There can be no doubting how big this game is ... our season must start against Burnley."

That result again : Norwich 1 Burnley 4 (Doherty sent off 60 mins). I'm such a bitch.

[1] Not the most intimidating nickname is it ? Well lads, last week it was the Tigers, next week we're away to the Lions, but luckily it's only the Canaries today.


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