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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Let's Gamble Baby

This is a long shot that will probably lose, OK, so caveat emptor as usual but I am unable to resist the temptation to back Poland to beat Germany tonight. 1 point is plenty, they are currently priced at 8.4 but I would expect that to be a little longer just before kick off so I'll be betting it then.

Poland have to win this game and they aren't that bad a team. Germany looked good going forward in their first game but also very suspect at the back. The Poles will have to chase this game even if it's level, which is why I don't fancy the handicap betting - if they lose, they're very likely to lose by 2 or more. The odds aren't quite there for betting 3 goals or more in the match, which I also considered, so it's a straight win I'm going for. Fortune favours the brave, if betting 1 point on anyone can be considered brave that is.

Update : Bleh. Not so much for the result but for the way Poland played it. Why on earth did they not try to win the game ? Even if they had successfully ground out a draw, Ecuador would have needed just 2 more points to ensure qualification. In the end, as ever, a negative attitude got what it deserved - zip. What did I expect from a team with a centre half called "Bok".


  • At 1:08 AM, Blogger Alex Martin said…

    didnt they have another star midfielder called "jerkoff". Me and the missus found that well funny.


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