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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Docteur De Rotation

Hats off to my favourite World Cup manager, France's Raymond Domenech, for following up his team's hugely disappointing / rather satisfying [delete according to whether you have laid them or not] 0-0 draw with the mighty Switzerland with the statement "we managed to take two points off a direct rival".

If only the Swedes had thought of that. Could you imagine if England had ground out a 0-0 with Paraguay and Ericsson said "we managed to take two points off a direct rival". Ian Wright would have spontaneously combusted. So some good would have come out of it.

Away from the world of mentalism, the groups are going ok so far. I might dip a toe back into the choppy waters of match betting tomorrow when the second round of games start. I watched the first half of Brazil-Croatia in the gym today and have to say that Brazil didn't really impress, Ronaldo in particular looking off the pace. England and half a dozen other teams really should be thinking that it's now or never, this has to be our best chance of winning the World Cup in a generation.


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