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Friday, May 19, 2006

Gaining The Advantage

Quick question. If the Daily Mail's panel of 5 managerial experts [1] all believe that Arsenal would rather have been 1-0 down than down to 10 men after 20 minutes, then doesn't it follow that allowing the goal to stand would not have been playing the advantage ? And thus, the referee made the right decision ?

[1] Bryan Robson, David O'Leary, David Pleat, Dave Bassett and Graham Taylor. Was Steve Bruce not available ?

Update : Football 365 printed my Email to the same effect. Hooray for me !


  • At 11:19 PM, Blogger Stevie Bennett said…

    But surely in the final analysis the sending off did decide the outcome, given that obvious tiredness and the incompetence of Lehman's replacement being responsible for both goals, being beaten at his near post for both of them, (a cardinal sin for keepers) were the principal reasons we lost.

    Of course awful refereeing played its' part too but, aside from the numerous unpunished assaults on Henry and Ljungberg, the big decisions evened themselves out. Offside goal for them and the outrageous, and I have to say disgraceful, dive from Eboue for the free kick leading to our goal.

    Mind you the real key moment of the game was Henry missing an absolute sitter when he was huge odds on to score. If that goes in, 2-0 and the game is over.

    Alternatively could he have allowed the goal AND sent off Lehman? A grey area but would the laws of the game allowed him to have done so?

    In the circumstances I thought it was an outstanding performance by the Arse given the enormity of the task and with a little bit of luck, and better finishing, we would have still won the game.

    Still think the ref was right to send him off though. Probably the only thing the incompetent fool did get right.


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