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Friday, April 28, 2006

Fists Of Rage

I sometimes think I could fill this entire blog ranting about how much of a cunt Steve Bruce is, and still be filled with rage every time his fat head pops up talking bollocks. This time, of course, it's the England manager saga. Now, I'm not one to be all Billy Britain about international football, I think that in many ways it brings out the worst in people. At times during major tournaments, there is a sense that it brings people together, but often only in the spirit of hating foreigners. As such I haven't made an in-depth study of the topic but I think that Big Phil sounds great because he has a cool name and a habit of punching out journalists who annoy him. Bring it on, Jeff Powell.

Anyway, the situation at the moment appears to be that BP has been sounded out but isn't committing to a Yes because he gave his word to concentrate on his current job until his contract expires. Damn those untrustworthy foreigners. Naturally this has attracted the ire of the various rent-a-gobs who qualify for pundits in this country. Ian Wright has conveniently forgotten that his sole redeeming characteristic is his stance against racism to proclaim that he'd rather England were rubbish under an English manager than any good under Johnny F. Serially incompetent club manager Peter Reid bemoans the fact that he and others paid 7 grand [1] for a coaching certificate and still this isn't enough to lead our nation's hopes. All more or less what you would expect from, as I said, professional mouthers-off.

When Steve Bruce weighs in though the first question that springs to mind is haven't you got anything more important to worry about right now ? Although this will come as no surprise to Huddersfield fans who well remember histwo week jaunt to Brazil halfway through a crucial season. Bruce (among others) asks what message this sends out to English managers ? I'll tell you what message, and it's a good one. The message is that you're not going to get the job just for being English if you're fucking shit. Fairly simple I would have thought.

[1] Which he probably makes per hour of talking incoherent rubbish at the licence payers' expense anyway. At least I'm not paying it !


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