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Friday, April 21, 2006

Alan Shearer Goes Up In My Estimation

Slightly. According to reports, there was some shindig on Monday where Alex Ferguson was speaking. It might have been some kind of tribute to Shearer. Ferguson, of course, couldn't resist pointing out that Shearer would have won a lot more trophies if he had signed for Manchester United. Shearer's response : "So would you." Wheels away in celebration with one arm aloft.

I should be able to put some bets up tomorrow but in the early kick-off I do think Arsenal will beat Spurs. I don't think Spurs believe they can beat Arsenal ; plus they only need a draw. Psychologically, this will be their downfall. However I was hoping for a bit better odds than 1.75. Clearly everyone else is of a similar opinion. No official bet unless I can get 1.8 anywhere.


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