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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Infamy ! Infamy !

Alex Ferguson is well known for throwing out the toys and refusing to speak to those media outlets that dare to question him, but he's taking it to a new level now. He will no longer submit to being grilled, Paxman-style, by that hard-hitting controversial we-don't-care-who-we-offend station ... MUTV. That's right, he's not talking to his own club's cable channel.

Obviously I didn't subscribe to MUTV even when I was a slave to the Murdoch corporation, but I can't imagine that the interviews are much more testing than the QPR internet equivalent. The guy who does it has a technique of asking himself a question, creating his own interviewee-favourable answer and stating that in the form of a "Do you think" question. So he ends up saying something like "Do you think that it's an advantage to have different options on the bench so you can change things in the middle of a game ?". Holloway or whoever then either says "Yes" or (more usually and quite sensibly) ignores him and says whatever he wanted to say about something else. Much in the style of most football interviews to be fair.

Back to Sir Alex though, if this goes on, who will the master of mind-games be able to talk to, in order to cunningly manipulate M. Wenger and Senor Mourinho at a distance ? There's only one solution. AFTV. A station devoted solely to Sir Rednose should be able to get through about half a season before he stops talking to them too, I reckon.


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