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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Today's Pinsticking Pop Picks

£10 on each of these sure things :

Back Barnet (H v Grimsby) @ 1.92
Back Gillingham (H v Forest) @ 2.32
Back Wigan (H v Sunderland) @ 2.26
Lay Palace (H v Stoke) @ 1.68
Lay Southampton (H v Crewe) @ 1.6

Hoots of derision accepted until 2.59pm only.

Some Champions League picks : I have laid Inter @ 1.5 and the Manchester Red Sox SkyHawks @ 1.64 to win their groups. Still trying to lay Arsenal @ 1.54, anyone interested ?

Oh, and spotted in the QPR directors' box last night, John Gregory. Doom !


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