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Friday, August 05, 2005

Hip Hip Hooray !

Because football is back back back !

I'm not going to have any season bets this year, I usually just stress over them out of all proportion to the insignificant money I have wagered. If I did, then a 4-way win only accumulator of Tottenham, QPR, Brentford and Barnet would surely be the way forward.

Seriously I fancy Tottenham to do quite well this season, but I do think you're burning money backing anyone but Chelsea to win it. Arsenal are the only opposition who have any chance at all. The Championship is wide open, I don't fancy the relegated sides around 6-1 although Norwich and Palace will probably be there or thereabouts ; Ipswich hold no appeal ; Sheffield United are a half-decent bet around 14 but I would be prepared to gamble on Reading around 25, not a bad price if Lita comes off. Brentford I like around 14-16 in a very open division. Once again avoid the relegated sides. League Two is anyone's guess. Wycombe seem to be attracting interest, not sure myself.

I will be opposing the likes of Southampton and Forest just on principle if I have any bets of a weekend, and although it's through my rose-coloured spectacles I can't believe QPR vs Luton are 5/6 each on Hills for a season bet. Stan James go 8/15 QPR the same bet which looks more like it.

Anyway I shall take myself to Underhill tomorrow for the Bees' triumphant return to the Football League. Huzzah !

12/8 Update It is worth pointing out that, on perusal of the archives, this time last year I said "I can't see past Arsenal". And I couldn't. They really looked invincible, right up to the point when Manchester United vinced them. Let's hope that I (and every other pundit in the world) shouldn't be quite so sure, and that maybe the Premiership can at least keep us interested this season.


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