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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Mush Of The Same Story

This one's for the official QPR website which made the following observation on last night's game :

"But generally, Rangers were unable to stamp their authority on the game and were looking for a crisper performance in the second period. Sadly it didn't come and it was mush of the same story".

Wasn't it just, as I'm sure you'll agree if you saw it on TV. I was actually there in a fit of keenness. But with Cook out and Furlong on a bad trot, Rangers lack firepower at the moment. Well, best not to over-react to one game. Wednesday looked moderate but kept their shape well and while it's very easy to criticise teams who adopt negative formations away from home, perhaps if we had been able to play with as much discipline on our travels we wouldn't have been gubbed 3-0 twice in a row.

Off the pitch, Gianni Paladini has not surprisingly taken exception to having a gun waved in his face by another director, and has engineered a boardroom coup. Perhaps worrying, but what can I do about it. Well, what can I do about anything, but that doesn't usually stop me :-). Time will tell.

Anyway I shall have a skim through Betfair and pick out some value to give us an interest this afternoon.


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