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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Isn't Football Great !

One-nil to the cultchie boys ! Awesome !

And that's why football's the greatest. If you just turn up and expect to win, it doesn't always work out like that. I didn't see the game but Alan Green said England were woeful, so they must have been. It's a kick up the arse that England needed from what I saw of them on Saturday. There are far too many in that team who are not under pressure, who think they are going to be picked whatever.

And while I have a foot in both camps, having grown up in Northern Ireland as I pointed out on Gutshot some 0.00003 seconds after the final whistle, I'm really pleased the boys in green pulled that one out. It's one for the Championship and the rest of the football league as well. Take that la-di-dah Premiership ! How do you like shaking hands with the boys from Hull and Luton after they've caned your arses ? You must excuse me, QPR & Northern Ireland I don't get to gloat all that often.

The papers are going to be like acid baths tomorrow, but frankly they deserve it. What England should be most concerned about is that Ericsson was outsmarted by Lawrie Sanchez. And I didn't even have a bet ! Forgot to put it on I was so busy ranting about Eurobet. Never mind, I don't care !


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