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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Speculating To Accumulate

If you were interested in the game today, you probably saw it, but even if you weren't, try to catch Wayne Routledge's goal (it should be on BBC Football by Tuesday). Superb quality pass from Taarabt, touch and finish from Routledge for the mf win.

I'm pleased to see Routledge back at QPR, he has his faults but he is very, very quick and pace is an asset the squad was lacking even before Kyle Walker left, to bigger and better things I'm sure. Ishmael Miller and Pascal Chimbonda also look like useful signings, and crucially all three are here to the end of the season only, Routledge and Miller on loan, Chimbonda on a short contract. Whatever you think of Neil Warnock, he knows what he's doing, and while it seems harsh to talk about addressing the weaknesses of a squad that's 5 points clear at the top, it's really a compliment to how well the current squad has done to get into that position.

While Rangers have spent unwisely in previous January windows, and are indeed still paying for that spending in terms of wages of players who are past their best, I think this was a vital injection of funds that has to be +EV in terms of how much a Premiership place is worth. An online article today said that Rangers have their "Zest back". For a moment I thought it said Zesh back, FML. But signs look good for Rangers to push on, and a win at Hull next Saturday would post an imposing 8 point lead over a group of rivals who all have various weaknesses. Rangers must be looking to do the bulk of the work in the next 10 games, during which they only play Forest from their principal rivals. Let's hope they can.

Correction: Norwich are also playing next Saturday so Rangers won't necessarily go 8 clear with a win.


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