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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

As You Were

Rangers announced today that there will be no more "Category A" games this season. I kind of suspected they would ; after all, if Derby County was an "A" games, then you would have expected Forest and Birmingham to be similarly classified, which they weren't. And while late is better than never, a lot of damage has been done in PR terms that will take a while to overcome. Unless the Standard and the Mail report the re-think under a headline of "QPR not such greedy bastards after all". That'll be the day.

On the pitch, the win against Forest was an important one and, while all reports indicate that the performance was awful at least going forward, not many teams will take a point at Swansea this season. Lee Camp's departure on loan isn't a major surprise to me, there's clearly something going on off the field there. Recent reports indicate that the management aren't particularly happy with any of the keepers at their disposal, and that rings true enough to me. We'll see.

As for me, I was surprised how much I was funking the Forest result in Dublin ; clearly I do care after all :-). One more thing, the editor of the fanzine I used to write for, In The Loft, has produced a compilation book which you can find here. I haven't seen it yet (should pick it up at the Birmingham game) but I'm in it so obv it's great. Seriously, I always thought we were one of the better fanzines around and it should make a good read.


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