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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Barnet 1 Rochdale 1

I figured that QPR could manage without me for one weekend. They've got my money anyway, which seems to be mostly what they care about. It wasn't a great game against Cardiff by all accounts but it was a decent result, and nice to see Mahon score the winner, I give him a lot more credit as a player than most of the people around me seem to at LR.

As for Barnet, it was easy to see why they've found it difficult this year. Puncheon's gone of course, and Hatch still hasn't been replaced from January. They also look a little weaker in defence and lacking in confidence all round. Not much happened in the first half, but five minutes into the second, confusion in the home defence allowed Gary Jones too much time to retrieve a loose ball and cross for Chris Dagnall to score from close range. Barnet huffed and puffed and scored a rather fortunate equaliser when a free kick fell into the path of Ishmael Yakubu, who slotted it nicely though.

Barnet didn't try to force the issue towards the end as much as they could have done. I would have thought that gambling for the win in the last 10 minutes would have been a better bet than going up to Rochdale for a replay, but I held my counsel at the time, unlike a lot of the whingebags around me. I still don't understand this mentality, if you don't enjoy going to football then why bother. Still, some people actually like complaining I know.

Finally there was just one moment that made me wonder what football is coming to. When Rochdale's chief shouter instructed one of their number to "fooking" do whatever, someone shouted out "language !" from the crowd. The coach turned round and, instead of giving some back or flipping the guy off or anything, actually held up a hand in apology. I suppose it's good really, but if you can't swear at a football match these days, where the fuck can you IMO.


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