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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Vicious ? Take This !

You may have heard Joey Barton describe the Newcastle United fans as "vicious". Possibly a bit much coming from someone who stuck a lit cigar in someone's eye at a Christmas party [1], although I have to say I warmed to Barton after he joined up with the England squad. You might remember that he had a pop about players bringing books out after their showing in Germany 2006. When Barton sat down for his first meal with the team, Frank "Vote Conservative" Lampard picked up his tray and moved to another table, only to be sent on his way with "Don't worry, I'm not going to steal your breakfast, you fat twat". Barton 1, Lampard 0.

Anyhoo, what I really love about this Barton vs Newcastle fans spat is the official response from the jumped-up fans association guy :

"For him to then turn around and criticise the fans is totally wrong. He should have kept his mouth shut. He will learn what happens after you criticise Newcastle fans. It takes a long, long time for us to forgive. I would be very, very surprised if he doesn't get a reaction at Blackburn today."

So there you go Joey, they're really not vicious at all, as you can see.

In other news, that schneidster Harry Redknapp is at it again ; whatever comes out of this investigation, he's already banging on about how it has "cost him the England job". Expect to hear this forever. Redknapp was (perhaps understandably) not happy about tabloid reporters turning up along with the police ; then again, it should be easy enough for him to clear this up. He can ask the paper in question (The Sun) about it next time he writes his regular column for them.

Finally today I know this is just fans being idiots but I loved the comment on the BBC Sport feedback section that says "An England player has to be exceptional to gain any recognition from FIFA". That's right. Wayne Bridge & co aren't on the FIFA Player Of The Year shortlist because of a global conspiracy, not because we couldn't qualify as one of the best 16 teams in Europe. Happy times. Anyway, no live game for me today (I was tempted by Orient until I saw they were playing Millwall) so Forza QPR and Go-orn the Barnet.

[1] Although having just been out Christmas shopping, I could have used a lit cigar to jab a few people out of my way.


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