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Sunday, December 16, 2007

QPR 0 Wolves 0

Not a lot to say about this one ; unlike the previous 0-0 against Sheffield Wednesday this game totally merited the scoreline, it was quite dull. And freezing cold. Rangers had the better of the first half, Dexter Blackstock missed from close range, albeit under heavy pressure, and a few hopeful long-rangers were comfortably dealt with by Wolves keeper Wayne Hennessey.

The referee, who it transpires was taking a game at this level for the first time, let an awful lot go (which is better than blowing up too much as long as he's consistent), but sadly for the home team missed what looked like a clear penalty as Marc Nygaard was hauled down near the goal-line. Wolves then had their best spell of the game for about 20 minutes and really should have scored when Stephen Elliot slid the ball wide from close range, I was certainly expecting the net to bulge from where I was. Hennessey saved well from Martin Rowlands, Akos Buzsaky couldn't quite direct a couple of 25-yarders and that was about it.

It's perhaps a platitude to say that we would have lost this game in September, because we would have lost it yesterday if it hadn't been for Elliott's miss. 7 goals from 11 home games tells the story, but although we're still bottom you can look at the table now and see how any team could zoom out of the bottom six with a couple of wins. The closer we get to the transfer window the better as long as we're still in touch ; it would be a lot harder to attract quality players to the club if we were 6 points adrift at the bottom. This is a bit like saying cheers Zesh, well done, now we can get a real centre-half [1], because some of the squad players are putting in a good shift right now despite their lack of quality, but we'll have to see. I must add that I was shocked to see a report this morning that the manager's job was already under threat prior to the win at Burnley, surely that can't be true, come on we have to put together some stability at some point, Christ alive.

[1] And equally substitute in "Marc" and "centre-forward"


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