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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Arsenal 3 Sevilla 0

Just cleaning house, I was at this game but didn't get around to a report in the week. This was a slightly strange game, in that Arsenal were comfortable winners but even so 3-0 kind of flattered them compared to what they created in terms of clear chances, which wasn't all that much. Despite some good possession from the visitors, Almunia had next to nothing to do.

Thanks to Dom for the loan of the ticket, the Emirates certainly is impressive with 60,000 in it. It's very strange to remember back to times when QPR competed with Arsenal on an equal footing and, while I'm sure Arsenal had the best of it overall, Rangers gave as good as they got several times. The last time the two met, however, Arsenal's second string won 6-0 at Loftus Road and on current form that would be a let-off for the hoops.

Speaking of which, I will be going along today. It's another strange one. Watford are available at better than evens and if they score first that will look like huge value. Should Rangers fluke the first goal somehow, well who knows. We haven't scored first yet this season and heads have been dropping at 0-1 lately, certainly at home. I think some of the players owe Gregory this one (Bolder and Blackstock in particular) and as I said in the last post I hope we can just make a better game of it. Gareth Ainsworth is back in contention and that should be a boost ; meanwhile if Sampsa Timoska doesn't see any action today I'll be wondering whether he ran over the manager's dog or something, it's so inexplicable why Rehman is preferred at full-back. As and while we're still in the game it should be lively ; but if we just fold again I will expect (but not demand) P45s to be handed out.


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