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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tis The Season

Oh right, so we're off again then. Here are some bets. No paralysis by analysis, I basically just either like or dislike these teams this season, and then it's a case of backing/opposing them most effectively.

Premiership :

Tottenham to win w/o Big 4, 4 pts @ 2.4
Bolton to be relegated, 2 pts @ 6.4

Also if anyone wants to bet Arsenal vs (Tottenham + 6pts), let me know, although I reserve the right to withdraw this offer after today's game :-).

Championship :

QPR Handicap +28pts, 1 pt @ 17 (haha)
Scunthorpe to be relegated, 4 pts @ 2.34

League One :

Oldham to be promoted, 2 pts @ 5.3
Leeds to be relegated, 1 pt @ 3.8 (just for fun)

League Two :

There's no handicap in this division. Fuck it, Barnet for promotion, 1 pt @ 12.5 .

As for today, I can't resist Leeds to kick off on the right foot by losing at Tranmere, 5 pts @ 2.3. I liked the look of Blackpool in the playoff final and they're on a roll from last season, so lay Leicester at home to them, 5 pts @ 1.96. I expect Crystal Palace to suck ass this season, so let's go Southampton 5 pts @ 2.06. Finally a long-ish shot in the Championship, Colchester have lost some key players, but are still probably under-rated and could easily get something from Sheffield United, lay United 3 pts @ 1.59.

Finally, if you're expecting me to comment on Formula 1 moguls taking over QPR, I'll wait and see till it happens, and even then, who knows how things might turn out.


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