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Thursday, September 20, 2007

All Change In West London ?

As I said on Facebook, I was kicking myself this morning when Mourinho's exit was confirmed, having heard the rumour late the night before. It's impossible to know what kind of odds were available on Betfair at that time, but clearly someone was in on the coup given that a fair amount of money was wagered at the unholy odds of 1.02. Really, who lays this bet at 1-50, by that time don't you wonder whether people know something you don't ? As for how it happened, frankly who cares. Mourinho said he would never walk and Kenyon said they would never sack him. I have better things to worry about than which one of those two is the biggest lying cunt.

Nonetheless, the Special One reminds me of Eric Cantona in some ways. However much you didn't like him, he always gave you something to write about (in my fanzine days in Cantona's case). And that's why the press, whatever they actually wrote about him, loved Mourinho and encouraged him at every turn. Because you'd never have to chew your pencil wondering what to write when Mourinho went off on one. Any or all hagiographies must be read bearing this fact in mind. I wonder where he'll pitch up next. Italy would be my guess, they don't mind a negative cynical bastard over there that's for sure.

If he wants to give it till the weekend, I suspect there might be a vacancy just down the road. My prediction is that if Rangers don't show a bit of fight against Watford on Saturday, that could be it for The Boss. A home record of P4 L4 F1 A10 (and the goal was against frigging Orient) is not going to cut it for much longer. While I think Gregory did very well last season it's really looking like that was mostly on adrenalin and desperation to avoid relegation. This time around we've looked like a rabble, players like Moore and Rehman are still turning out despite being way out of their depth and I don't think the new owners are going to stand for much more of it. I won't write any obituaries just yet, or start running through the contenders, but if you can find a market on that, lump on would be my advice.

Update : No, wait. Of course laying 1.02 isn't that bad. It's a good job I don't have much money on Betfair. I'd be the egg who lays 100-1 thinking he's laying 1-100. Or the other way round. A better question is who lays these managerial coups at say evens, when it's come in from 20 in about an hour.


  • At 7:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You don't need much money to lay 1.02 shots on betfair.

    £20 wins you a cool grand.


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