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Friday, May 04, 2007

LOL administrationaments

If you thought Leeds were slimy going into administration with one game left so that the 10 point penalty counts this season when they're down anyway, check out "Dodgy Boston". From a BBC website report :

"Reports have claimed that if Boston were losing [tomorrow] and looking set to be relegated to the Conference anyway, they could attempt to enter the CVA during the game - and suffer the 10-point deduction immediately which would have little effect in real terms. "

Now that's taking the piss.

Update : And in fact that's exactly what Boston did. They filed for CVA during the closing stages of the game, which they lost 3-1. I skimmed the BBC forums on the Leeds thing, and a lot of their fans were saying "Well your club would do the same", and to be fair I expect they would. I would at least have the grace to be embarrassed about it though. Clearly the rules need to be re-worked so that there is a proper deterrent in place to ensure that clubs only enter administration as an absolute last resort.


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