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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Own 1/50000th of a football club

This is just bizarre. The basic premise is collect £35 from 50,000 people, buy a football club and then have all the "owners" vote on everything from team selection to transfers. Quite how this works regarding tactical substitutions with 10 minutes to go is anyone's guess. To me it sounds completely unworkable so I suppose we should hope that the number one "fans' choice" of clubs to become the particular train to be wrecked, Leeds United, succumb.

Of course even the likes of QPR have debts that dwarf the $1.75 million being proposed as the "fee". Hats off to anyone who signed up to this and selected Arsenal, Liverpool or Manchester United. I sincerely hope they are taking the piss and have no intention of coughing up. However, that is quite a lot of money to a club like Barnet who don't actually have debts up to their ears. This might make great TV but frankly I'd be straight on Betfair to lay the team concerned to the hilt in the unlikely event that this ever happened (50,000-1 sounds about the right number regarding that).


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