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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Another Job Well Jobbed

I suppose I should say something about QPR officially staying up after yesterday's 1-0 win over Cardiff. I wasn't there (hence no match report). Credit to John Gregory and the players for turning the season around. After a quick burst of "new manager" impetus sent us up to mid-table, a very hard winter raised serious concerns. Transfer window signings Danny Cullip and Adam Bolder helped turn it around though, and after one embarrassing defeat at Southend on the TV, all round commitment has been first class throughout the stretch.

Gregory made a pointed comment yesterday about "We had too many losers at this club but we’ve got them off our backs", which (not surprisingly) the club website omitted from its summary. Whether you like him or not (and I've warmed to him a fair bit) he's done a really good job and I'm fairly sure he will still be there next season. He certainly deserves to be. Whether Rangers can maintain the same level of effort for 46 games next season remains to be seen, and indeed what will happen if and when Lee Cook moves on to better things. For now, we have two whole games to enjoy before the spectre of relegation returns :-). I will be at the last game against Stoke to cheer them off.

Elsewhere, events at the very top are leaving me cold. Basically, it's no odds to me who wins the Premiership/FA Cup/Champions League. It's zero sum. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Mourinho dances on the pitch, Ferguson looks like he just caught someone shagging his dog, and/or vice versa. I do hope Sunderland can clinch promotion because Roy Keane has just done brilliantly there. His comments after yesterday's defeat were top notch, no excuses and credit for the opposition. Compare and contrast with Steve Bruce. The only downside to Birmingham missing out would be that we'll have to put up with them again next season. Still, perhaps he'll get the axe at last. He really ought to, the amount of money he's had to spend.

And with Rangers cruising away from the relegation zone smoking their cigars, it looks like a straight fight between Hull and Leeds for the last place. Please spare me all this "no one wants to see a club with great tradition in League One". Whether you like it or not, probably 90% of football fans do want to see exactly that. Obnoxious and often violent fans, Dennis Wise in charge, Ken Bates pulling the strings and everyone involved looking back with dewy-eyed nostalgia at their 70s glory team, who were probably the most cynical bunch of bastards ever to play the game. What's not to like ? I'm with this guy. Hooray for youtube.


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    Steve Bruce sez "It wor UFOs leek"


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