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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Done And Done

Well that's that ; I quite enjoyed the Germany-Italy semi and the final itself (although I missed the goals because I was confused about the start time, doh) but classics they were not and a classic tournament this was not either. Never mind. Italy probably just about deserved it. I was very surprised that Zidane did what he did ; you would think that in an entire career he would have heard all the verbals that anyone could come up with, and could manage ten more minutes without losing it. Nonetheless, as Pete B says, you have to give him some credit for just doing the guy and not being sneaky about it. I've always said that if you're going to get sent off, fucking lamp someone, don't just bitch slap them. And as I have also said before, teams who whine about penalty lotteries and tiredness and all this bollocks should be sat down and made to watch videos of a team doing it right until they shut the hell up. Not one of the Italian penalties was ever in doubt.

On the bets, I can't be arsed adding it all up, because I lost. I was about even on match betting [1], up a bit on the groups, even on the semi-final market [see 1] and lost a load of points on Brazil. So this blog is taking a well deserved break until the new season which is, ooh, at least three weeks away. Talk about no rest for the wicked.

[1] About even in that sense of down a bit but I can kid myself it was even, beloved by poker players the world over.


  • At 10:44 AM, Blogger uncle monty said…

    I too was dismayed at Zidane tarnishing his legend like that but a French medis friend of mine says that Materazzi said

    'I hope Jean suffered' referring to Jean Varraud, Zidane's beloved first coach, and father figure, who had recently died of cancer.

    If true I would say that Materazzi is lucky that he's still walking.

    I did wonder what was that bad that Zidane could go from laughing, as he walked away, to snapping and butting him like that. Now I can see why he did it. I also give him a bit of credit for not ruining Materazzi by telling the World's press immediately after the game.


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