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Friday, June 16, 2006

Whipping Boys

It's definitely been a good couple of days for perverts at the World Cup. First, that Ecuador guy pulled out a bright yellow gimp mask to celebrate his goal, which is even more worrying when you consider that it must have been down his shorts for 90 minutes. And tomorrow you can expect all sorts of "Six of the best for S&M boys" headlines, if that's your thing. Not that this blog would ever stoop to such childish humour, perish the thought.

All that excitement aside, my bets are edging in the right direction. Crouchaldinho forged into the lead in the England goalscoring stakes, and could well keep his place even when Rooney comes back, as several other pundits seem to agree with my "Owen out" prognosis [1]. Ecuador can deny Germany group victory with a draw, and as I speak Angola have about 10 minutes to hang on against Mexico and put Portugal into pole position in Group D. Argentina looked the business today and of course are already through. It's a shame that two out of three groups have been decided already, bar some shuffling around to see who goes where. I hope no one's going to be foolish enough to open themselves up to any allegations of throwing a game to get a favourable draw, but after some thought there's not much can be done about it, apart from randomising the second round draw. Maybe that's one for next time.

Finally the obligatory pundit dig, today's "you're earning your money" prize goes to Radio 5's so-called main man Mike Ingham who was wittering on about resting Gerrard because he's on a yellow card, blissfully ignorant of the fact that all yellow cards are cancelled after the group stages. Do these people do any research at all ? Perhaps they're spending all their free time in the sex garages, paying hookers to go Argentina on their asses.

[1] Although one bozo on Football 365 came out with the old "form is temporary, class is permanent" bollocks. Great, bring back Hoddle. Fuck it, Bobby Charlton and Tom Finney will show them what for.


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