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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Never In Doubt

Barnet steered clear of the drop by a massive 5 places in the end and, as predicted, stormed to 18th in their division compared to Rangers' 21st. Hopefully the Bees can push on next year, one point in their favour is that they have a lot of young players who are still improving. I can't seem to find out what happened in the local elections on Thursday though, maybe it's not been counted yet ?

What a game it must have been at Oxford, 2-2 with 20 minutes left, Oxford needing a win to stay up and Orient needing a win to assure promotion (at the time, they didn't in the end). Predictably enough someone was going to score and the O's nicked it, which I was quite pleased about because they are the best team I've seen in that division this season and they deserve a bit of sun on their backs.

Southend and Colchester closed the deal in League One, two clubs I visited more than once when I lived dahn Essex way, well done to them. I have to say though it is slightly reassuring for Rangers' prospects next season that I really can't see the three promoted sides (whoever wins the playoffs) making any impact.

I will ponder the League One and Two play-offs tomorrow, perhaps consulting a Ouija board or the I Ching. Preston have the better of their tie with Leeds after drawing at Elland Road, but can anyone stop Watford ? They demolished Palace in the second half today by all accounts. Could they hold on to Adrian Boothroyd if they were promoted ? And does anyone know of any more Boothroyd-like managerial geniuses in waiting ? We shall see.


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    Nobody likes a gloater ...

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    "Nobody likes a gloater"

    Shit...does that mean I can't laugh at Tottscum then?


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